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Robert Plant


Robert Plant - Singer

Robert Plant made his first commercial recordings in 1966. In 1967, he had also formed a group called the Band of Joy, with drummer John Bonham. Soon, Bonham, Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, and bassist John Paul Jones assembled to become The New Yardbirds which became Led Zeppelin.


Chris Squire


Chris Squire - Founder & Bass player of YES

Chris Squire is a legendary name that comes from the legendary band, Yes. They formed 42 years ago and are still going strong. Chris has his own site that he launched years ago. When he decided to join the ArtistIntersect board of advisors he realized he needed to be a client as well. We are currently working with Chris to update his site and convert it into the 2.0 world. Stay tuned for Chris's new online presence.



Marcus Nand


Marcus Nand - Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer

ArtistIntersect allows Marcus the freedom to take control of his online presence and all of his content in an instant. He posts news and music and is very excited about his new official website. His initial reaction to the AI modules was: "It's like having the utility of Myspace and Facebook tools on your own site". He is being too generous with his compliments, but one thing is for sure, he does have the control over his own content.


Josh Gooch


Josh Gooch - Guitarist

19-year old music prodigy Josh Gooch has been surrounded by music his entire life, including playing, listening to, and reading anything he could get his hands on. His widespread love of all things music has led him to cultivate his own uniquely beautiful sound, whether playing acoustic, slide or electric guitar.



Nitzer Ebb


Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Dance/EBM

Nitzer Ebb are very active, both in Europe and North America. They needed quick news, twitter, myspace, facebook, videos and youtube updates. ArtistIntersect does everything for them. We are proud to have a very active band that we support.






Orianthi knew when she picked up a guitar at the age of 6, her life would never be the same. Her instant affinity for the instrument quickly grew into a full-blown love affair. Growing up in a Greek family in the southern Australian town of Adelaide, she was already familiar with the piano, which she began to play at age 3...