Artist Intersect

Creative Services

Artist/Band Management and Consultancy


Artist Intersect has partnered with management veterans from all musical genres to provide artist management guidance and advice, helping to target career path goals and advising on the best methods for reaching those goals.


Marketing Services


Whether it's online or print marketing campaigns for a new release or a tour, Artist Intersect's experts can help. We provide marketing services from creating marketing plans to plan execution, utilizing social media and creative strategies to deliver the greatest impact, increase ticket sales and establish your music "brand" with the fans.


Content Creation



Artist Intersect's Content Creation team can write content for your website, marketing campaigns, Press Releases, social media campaigns, sales strategies and more.


Website Design and Programming



Artist Intersect works with some of the industry's best web designers, covering all music genres and needs.

The technology behind Artist Intersect was developed by programming experts, providing scalable and flexible technology to assist artists ranging from fledgling acts to established names achieve their online goals.