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Online Presence

Create your bands site(s) for free through our platform. 

The site comes with all multimedia contents you will need to get established online including : songs, videos or pictures of your concerts, news about your new concerts or compositions or any other band activity, a blog to keep your fanbase updated ...


Songs & Albums


Upload your songs to let your current and potential fans listen and purchase them. 
- Insert your albums or the songs that you played on or produced or wrote.
- Use our player to make the surfing experience more vivid.



Photos. Every Picture Tells A Story

- Add all your photos from your sessions, rehearsals, concerts, whenever you play, let your fans see you and your band and take part and be a part of your life and music process !
- Photos can be organized in Galleries for tours or legs of tours or for the odd gig here and there. Organize any way you want to show and tell the fans your pictorial story.






- Videos are the best visual representation of you and your band.
- You can upload videos on our site or link them, e.g. on YouTube.
- Videos can be organized in Galleries just like the photo albums for easier navigation.




News & Blog



- Make your site alive through your news post! You can also create your blog and speak about yourself, what is on your mind or the new developments of your band or tour or recording sessions, and much more.
- You can choose among them or insert them both on your site at your choice.




Biography & Strategic Links

- Provide your Biography, Contact information, and enrich pages with comments and other useful information.
- You can also add strategic links to your endorsers, sponsors, partners or to the sites you consider useful or influential. It is your site, your can put as much or as little info on it as you want.




Site Design choice & Management

- You can choose one of our site design themes (templates) and configure it to personalize it.
- You can ask us for a custom site design from our professional designers.