Artist Intersect

Sales (Store)

Musicians/Bands/DJs Official Retail Store. By signing up with Artist Intersect, you get your own official retail store to sell whatever you like. You can set it up in minutes and be on your way. Sell your music directly to your fans and keep all the money for yourself. The same thing goes for your merchandise and tickets. With Artist Intersect, we let you decide what you sell and how you sell it, so you can arrange the store to your liking. Artist Intersect allows you to use any payment processing you prefer, and we also have PayPal integrated so you have control of your money.


If you need help with setting up your store the Artist Intersect team is here to help.


The main features include:

- Unlimited items in the store
- Downloads, Music, Tickets, Merchandising...
- Track orders and shipments
- Calculate Tax and Cost
- Calculate income

Artist Intersect will soon have fulfillment services for the artists.